Chinese and Boba Teas

You have a variety of choices of Chinese teas and boba drinks at Bo Lings Fine Chinese Dining. Boba teas are available at our Plaza, Overland Park, and Zona Rosa restaurants, and a broad selection of loose teas are available at all restaurants.

Chinese and Boba Tea

  • BOBA (Pearl Milk) TEAS

    • $4.25


    BOBA (Pearl Milk) TEAS

    1 Bubble Papaya

    2 Bubble Honeydew

    3 Bubble Taro

    4 Bubble Watermelon

    5 Bubble Milk Tea

    6 Bubble Passion Fruit

    7 Bubble Mango

    8 Bubble Strawberry

    9 Bubble Jasmine Green Tea

    10 Bubble Almond

    11 Bubble Coconut


    12 Bubble Peach

  • Our Gourmet Tea Choices

    Our premium loose leaf teas are available in most of our restaurants and our tea area at the north entrance of our restaurant space (the carryout location) at our Plaza restaurant. Our source for these exquisite loose leaf teas is Shang Tea in Crown Center. Teas and tea sets make a wonderful gift and you can find a charming collection for purchase in our Plaza restaurant and other locations.



    A small pot serves 2-4 people; a regular pot serves 4-6. Prices are indicated below.


    • 4.95 | 6.95


    House Special Green Oolong Tea (Taiwan)


    A very light green tea with robust floral aroma.

  • King’s Oolong (Taiwan)

    • 6.55 | 8.55

    King’s Oolong (Taiwan)

    Found growing in high elevations in Taiwan, this tea has a light to medium fermented, sweet lilac aroma with a hint of ginseng and a famous lingering finish.

  • Te Kwan Yin Oolong (Fu Jian)

    • 4.95 | 6.95

    Te Kwan Yin Oolong (Fu Jian)

    Also known as “Iron Goddess of Mercy,” this high grade oolong tea is from the famous Wu Yi mountains in China. It is a full bodied, amber brew with an oaky fragrance which experts say is complex and sophisticated.


  • House Jasmine

    • 2.95 | 4.95

    House Jasmine

    A pairing of green tea with just the right touch of the aromatic jasmine flower.

  • Dragon Pearl Jasmine (Fu Jian)

    • 4.95 | 6.95

    Dragon Pearl Jasmine (Fu Jian)

    The highest grade jasmine tea is a tender green tea infused with fragrant jasmine flavor.

  • Chrysanthemum Flower

    • 3.25 | 5.25

    Chrysanthemum Flower

    Pure chrysanthemum flowers impart a heavenly fragrance to this tea as you sip.

  • PU ERH

  • Pu Erh (Yun Nan)

    • 2.95 | 4.95

    Pu Erh (Yun Nan)

    The oldest style of tea in China, this is a full bodied dark tea, smooth, rich with complex flavors. This tea is renowned for its health benefits.